Nuclear Materials Technology Consultancy

Michael Fluss obtained his undergraduate degree in Physical Chemistry from Rutgers University and his PhD in Nuclear Physics from Columbia University. He has over 50 years of experience in nuclear and materials research and solving complex problems in nuclear energy (fission and fusion) and national security.  He has been on the research staffs at Argonne National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He is the Chief Scientist and Founder of Nuclear Materials Technology Consultancy.  He has been a visiting fellow at Brandeis University and University of California, Berkeley. He was a visiting scientist at the CEA-Saclay Multi-Ion-Beam Facility and a consulting scientist for a Coordinated Research Program on ODS Steels at the IAEA, Vienna. His current work is focused on void swelling in nuclear technology materials and its implications for reactor safety, nuclear energy development, and national security. He has also been examining the application of NPPs for the green co-production of commodities along with electricity, some examples being; cement, hydrogen, fertilizer, and desalinated water.