Filip Vanhavere graduated from Ghent University as civil electrotechnical engineer and as nuclear engineer. He obtained a PhD in neutron dosimetry in 1999. He has been active at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN since more than 25 years, where he is head of the expert group on Radiation Protection Dosimetry and Calibration, and deputy director of the Institute of Environment, Health and Safety. He is also associated to the Laboratory of Experimental Radiotherapy in the Oncology Department at the Leuven University KUL.
During his scientific career, he has built up expertise mainly in dosimetry aspects in different applications of ionizing radiation (medical, nuclear, worker, accident, space,…). He is currently also chairperson of EURADOS and associate editor of the Journal Radiation Measurements. He has guided over 10 PhD students, has been PI for several European projects, and published over 200 papers in international journals.