EDF Nuclear Power Generation
International Projects Division (DDAI)

After training as a medical doctor, Dr Bernard le Guen MD started his career working in research at one of the laboratories of France’s National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and subsequently moved into the nuclear sector, first to the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) in 1995, then moving to EDF in 1999.

He is currently a senior Executive (VP) in charge of Nuclear International Projects (EDF Nuclear Power Generation) in charge of the division (DDAI). Since May 2018. He is the EDF liaison officer with IAEA on behalf of EDF Nuclear Generation and senior executive advisor in charge of interface with WANO Paris Center management. Previously, Bernard Le Guen belonged to the EDF General Nuclear safety and radiation protection inspectorate team (IGSNR) reporting directly to EDF’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and was until October 2016 the Senior Executive (VP) in charge of Radiation Protection and Industrial Safety, at EDF Nuclear Power Generation Division.

His career pathway has given him the opportunity to gain experience in research, nuclear operations, and expertise in nuclear safety, radiation protection and security, as well as enhance his existing skills in the management of experts, researchers and EDF operational teams. He is a senior expert for Radiation Protection and Health at group level EDF appointed by EDF CEO in 2020.

He has also enjoyed being called on as an expert and nuclear operator representative at international level. To name just a few: the IAEA, the OECD-NEA, WHO, EPRI. He is the current president of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA). He is Chairman of the CEPN Governing Board (Nuclear Health Physics Research Centre), a non-profit organisation which assesses measures taken to protect the public from hazards associated with ionising radiation (technical, economic, social and health-related aspects).

He has published over 80 national and international articles, including 2 as a co-author for the French Academy of Science on effects of low doses on individuals and for the Academy of medicine on the Fuskushima accident.

Dr Le Guen received two awards from the American health physics society, the William Morgan Award in 2019 in recognition of his contribution to radiation protection and, the R.S. Landauer Award, in 2011 in recognition of his international research in the area of radiation protection . Dr Le Guen was appointed international member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Zaragoza (Spain Institute) in November 2021.